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Greetings to you in the most holy name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and wonderful Saviour. May Joy, Peace and Mercy of God abound in your abode now and always in Jesus name. Amen.

We love having you worship with us in all our church services. We ask the good lord to perfect all that pertains to you and may you not walk alone as you journey in life in Jesus name. Amen.

House of Mercy (Tabernacle of Praise) is a place of continuous answered prayers and unlimited praise with great testimonies, where mercy speaks over judgement and qualify the unqualified for the amazing grace. Rejoice, as we commend you to mercy and God’s grace.

Discover Your Purpose

Why on earth were you created? Once you know that God made you for a reason and with great purpose, your life will never be the same. Stay the path with God, and continuously discover your purpose for today.

At RCCG House of Mercy

We’re looking forward to meeting you, growing in God together, and helping you take your next steps at RCCG House of Mercy.

Join us on the Journey

Life is a journey, and that journey with God is one of renewal and transformation. As you grow in God, your life will be personally transformed.

Connecting You To Christ

We exist to build a church that connects our world to Jesus and leads them to become like Him.

Join Us to make impact

Come be a part of helping us reach out to our community. By joining together, we can make a huge difference and create a change in the community around us.
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